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BPNet ApS Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy for the services run by BPNet ApS, including but not limited to the ioGates service.

Revision: 2018-05-24

Data Privacy

BPNet ApS will not share any of the Customers data with any third party, unless the Customer has given explicit permission to do so.

General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR

Customer and user data is only stored and used for running the BPNet ApS services, business, and support purposes. BPNet ApS collect and proccesses the following data:

When BPNet ApS services interact with third party vendors or services on behalf of the user, BPNet ApS store information needed to identify the third party service, such as the account name and id. No other information is stored or collected from third party vendors or services.

It is the Customer's responsibility to keep the contact and company information up to date.

Customer and user data can be deleted by contacting BPNet ApS at BPNet ApS will make sure that all data is deleted, and that no personal information is left on BPNet ApS IT systems after deletion.

BPNet ApS uses browser cookies for our service ioGates and for improving the ioGates website by tracking its visitors via Google Analytics. For more information on how ioGates use cookies see our Cookie Policy:

You have the right to object to our processing of your personal data. This can be done by contacting ioGates at